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Penny in the BIS lineup North FL Fair 2019

Penny in the BIS lineup North FL Fair 2019

Penny as a first freshening 2 yr old Penny as a first freshening 2 yr old

Grand Champion at North FL Fair 2019

Fischer FF KH Gold Penny

Goat, Nubian, Sr. Doe (female) | Amber and white with frosted ears

ADGA# N1805207 | DOB: 1/29/2016 (5 yrs)

Reference: My Buddy's SS King of Hearts

Foundation Herd Sire

Reference: My Buddy's SS King of Hearts

NubianBuck (male)Reddish brown with white splashes
ADGA# N1553311DOB: 10/8/201010 yrs
LA Score 2013: VEE 90 as a 2 yr old G6S Normal by testing
 ADGA# N1553311 Reddish brown with white splashes

Sale Pending

My Buddy's Goldie Hawn

NubianSr. Doe (female)Gold with frosted ears
ADGA# N1707265DOB: 4/15/20147 yrs
Goldie is an AI doe out of Lotus Ladies' Signature buck which we brought into our herd in 2014 from the My Buddy's herd/Kristian Colding. Her gold color is not common and is really eye-catching. That said, I noticed several gold colored does in the champion lineups at Nationals 2019. I also have long admired the gold does in the Jacobs Pride herd. Goldie's daughter, Penny, is one of the most well balanced Nubian does we have ever produced at Fischer Family Farms. She has the desirable wedge shaped body build combined with a feminine neckline, strong head and well attached udder. These qualities combined make a competitive senior doe. G6S Normal by testing
Service Sire:
* Jacobs Pride Finest Pecan Ever

Foundation Herd Sire

* Jacobs Pride Finest Pecan Ever

NubianBuck (male)Solid Black with solid ears
ADGA# N1730119DOB: 3/30/20156 yrs
We are so grateful for the opportunity to add "Fin" to our herd last fall. Having admired the Jacobs Pride herd for many years, we realized what a special buck he is and couldn't pass up the chance to bring these genetics into our program. Huge thanks to Marshall Losey for making him available to us. Fin is G6S normal.
 ADGA# N1730119 Solid Black with solid ears

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Penny was Grand Champion milker at the 2019 North Florida Fair.

G6S Normal by parentage


Reserve Champion milker at Georgia National Fair 2019
Grand Champion milker at North Florida Fair 2019

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