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Fischer FF Dubonnet as a 2nd freshening 3 yr old

Fischer FF Dubonnet as a 2nd freshening 3 yr old

Dubonnet at North Florida Fair 2018 Dubonnet as a FF 2yr old

Our first home-bred permanent champion!

CH Fischer FF DubonnetBred

Goat, Nubian, Sr. Doe (female) | Black, brown trim, white crown

ADGA# N1747839 | DOB: 4/9/2015 (5 yrs) (Due Date: 4/25/2020)

Reference: CH Kastdemur's City Slicker

Foundation Herd Sire

Reference: CH Kastdemur's City Slicker

NubianBuck (male)Black, tan trim, white splashes
ADGA# N1517638DOB: 4/3/201010 yrs
City Slicker was one of two herd sires we used to initially build our herd. We were pleased to find that crossing him with My Buddy's King of Hearts produced some of our most promising kids. LA Score 2013: VEE 90 as a 3 yr old G6S Normal by testing
 ADGA# N1517638 Black, tan trim, white splashes
Ranch 39 Lillet
Service Sire:
* Jacobs Pride Finest Pecan Ever

Foundation Herd Sire

* Jacobs Pride Finest Pecan Ever

NubianBuck (male)Solid Black with solid ears
ADGA# N1730119DOB: 3/30/20155 yrs
We are so grateful for the opportunity to add "Fin" to our herd last fall. Having admired the Jacobs Pride herd for many years, we realized what a special buck he is and couldn't pass up the chance to bring these genetics into our program. Huge thanks to Marshall Losey for making him available to us. Fin is G6S normal.
 ADGA# N1730119 Solid Black with solid ears

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Dubonnet had a great year in 2018. We did not show her as a junior but once, at Goats in Gatorland 2016. We dragged her out at the last minute - unclipped and a bit wooley - she was 2nd in her class in 2 rings and won the 3rd. I suspected then there might be good things to come. In 2018 as a second freshening 3 year old, she exceeded expectations. She received an excellent score at Linear Appraisal in the spring. She also won two legs toward her permanent champion status. We decided to keep her in milk through the summer and into the fall to give her a shot at finishing in the fall shows. Turns out it was worth the effort. Dubonnet won her 3rd leg at the North Florida Fair in November 2018. We are so proud of our first homebred permanent champion! Dubonnet is bred to Lakeshore Vin Admiral for Spring ‘19 kids (not yet confirmed).

LA Score 2018: VVEE 90
- a second freshening 3 year old

G6S Normal by testing


Grand Champion North Florida Fair 11/18
Grand Champion Ring 2 Goats on the Gulf 05/18
Grand Champion Ring 1 Goats in Gatorland 03/18

Updated 4/24/2020


Buck (male)3 yrsBlack with white frosted ears
Not for Sale