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2019 Fall Show Season Results!

Georgia National Fair in Perry, GA on 10/8 -
Gold Penny was Reserve Champion milker
Emma's Express was Jr. Reserve Champion

National Peanut Festival in Dothan, AL on 11/4 - we had to cancel for this show due to an unexpected schedule conflict. Fortunately, a yearling doe we have out on lease did attend this show, Fischer FF Kaira shown by Ms. Riley Hayes. Proud to report that she was Jr. Grand Champion, earning her dry leg.

North Florida Fair in Tallahassee, FL on 11/9

Gold Penny was Grand Champion milker
Emma Watson was Reserve Champion and Best Udder
Riviera Hilton was Reserve Jr. Champion

So pleased with our results this fall. Now we rest and enjoy the holidays before all the madness of kidding and spring shows begins for 2020. Happy Holidays!!

Fischer FF Sweetheart Maria, Jr. Grand Champion FL State Fair 2019
CH Kastdemur's City Slicker 2014

Fischer FF City of Angels GNF Fall '17

Evening stroll with the Juniors Sept. '19

We are a small farm in Monticello, FL who breed and show Nubian dairy goats, striving to retain show quality/show competitive individuals. We enjoy the benefits of our own fresh healthy milk and relish the company of some of the sweetest and most elegant creatures we have known.

Our Nubian herd came to be when we bought some land in Plant City, FL down the street from an accomplished Nubian breeder named Kristian Said, owner of My Buddy's Nubian Dairy Goats. Our intent was to start a cow/calf operation - which we did - and have a place for our daughter to ride horses - which she did. After watching some episodes of the Beekman Boys and their adventures with the country lifestyle and particularly their herd of dairy goats, I decided I might like to have a couple of dairy goats for our little piece of heaven. I did what anyone does now when you are wanting to find something, I searched online for a Nubian breeder and unbelievably one was located only yards away from the entrance to our place. It was fate.

When I first met Kristian, she had one kid available - a buckling who we named King of Hearts. On one side he had a heart-shaped white splash and on the other side he had splashes that looked like a crown. At the time, I had no way of knowing what a nice buck we were actually getting. He was sired by a J-Nels buck and his dam is a Lakeshore doe that eventually earned an LA score of FS91 VEEE. Of course you can't have a buck without some does, so I placed an order for a couple of doe kids to go with our new buck. As we waited for our little darlings to arrive, I would stop by Kristian's place from time to time to let her know how things were going with "Kingsley".

Over the weeks that followed, I fell in love with Kristian's lovely does. I had never been around such elegant and engaging animals and the kids were just so adorable. I couldn't wait to go for a visit to her barn and spend some time talking with Kristian and learning about goats. When we went that first year to see her show at the Florida State Fair, I had such a great time that there was no way back. We decided to build a show herd of our own. Kristian has been an amazing "goat mentor" and friend to me in the years that followed. Our first Junior Grand Champion was purchased from her herd, a big bodied doe with a very level rump named Liquorice.

In 2013, we made the decision to relocate our farm operation to North Florida where we have a home onsite. Living onsite makes kidding time and those early days feeding kids a lot easier for everyone. We chose Monticello, FL for the lovely rolling hills, rich red clay soil, good water and small town quality of life (which apparently includes the most wonderful neighbors you could ever imagine). We have not been disappointed!

Please contact us if you are interested in our herd.
~Mary Fischer