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Kidding season is almost over at FFF!

With just a few does left to kid, our barn is full of bottle babies.

Many of this year's kids have been sold and a few we plan to retain. But if you are interested in adding a doe kid to your herd, contact us because there may still be opportunities.

We are so pleased with the results of the spring shows we attended. 4 of our juniors earned their dry legs, and the first fresheners we got out to compete are showing us there is much to look forward to in the next couple of years for them. So far, we have been happy with all of the udders on these girls. It is unlikely we will be offering first fresheners for sale this year.

Welcome to Our Farm!

Latest doe kid out of All’s Fair
Announcing the arrival of CLARION I Dare You! 11th place Intermediate kid at 2019 Natl Show

Clarion Train of Thought Jr Grand Champion at Carrollton Classic '20

Fischer FF VA Queen Elizabeth Jr Grand Champion Jr. at Browsin the Pines 2020

We are a small farm in Monticello, FL who breed and show Nubian dairy goats, striving to retain show quality/show competitive individuals. We enjoy the benefits of our own fresh healthy milk and relish the company of some of the sweetest and most elegant creatures we have known.

Our herd began 2011-2013 with a few acquisitions from My Buddy's, Lakeshore, and Mon Coeur. We soon added a Kastdemur's buck named City Slicker that we were able to purchase from Kristian Colding. We spent the years that followed breeding for improvements, showing and participating in the linear appraisal program to measure our results.

In 2018, we decided to add new genetics to help our breeding program make greater strides. By this time we had produced a number of Junior Champions but only one finished permanent Champion, Dubonnet. We went back to Lakeshore for a buck and a doe, Vin Admiral and Korrina Rose. By fall of that year we had reserved 2019 kids that might continue our "re-building" efforts. In 2019 we acquired kids from Lakeshore (again), Clarion, and M's Sagebrush Acres. As a bonus, we were fortunate to be offered a mature herd sire, Jacobs Pride Finest Pecan Ever, a half brother to the 2017 spotlight sale Nubian buck. (Thank you Marshall Losey!)

In spite of the 2020 pandemic, we were able to continue to add some upgrades to the herd. Through the efforts of some very special individuals, transportation was obtained for some super exciting kids to make North Florida their new home. Thanks to Lakeshore, Clarion and TLC for helping us make this happen.

So, it is with much excitement and anticipation that we move forward into our next chapter as Nubian breeders. Our goal is to produce kids that excel in correctness, balance, and dairy strength.

Please contact us if you are interested in our herd.
~Mary Fischer